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Accuracy on the workpiece

Even though all machining centres are labelled as 'precision', if it's not KERN, you have probably experienced difficulty in achieving the drawing tolerance and then maintaining it for your batch of components.

KERN describe the precision of their machining centres as coming from 'what is consistently achievable on the workpiece', not from 'the resolution of the measuring scales'  or 'positioning accuracy'.

What do YOU want to achieve on your finished component?

If we presume you have the right machine, there are still the tooling and process issues to consider. However, if you know your machining centre is going to produce consistent dimensions, then the tooling and process adjustments are a lot easier.

kern process optimisation

In the example diagram:

The small RED circle is the KERN machine achievement without process optimisation

The large BLUE circle is the achievement of standard machining centres without process optimisation.

The YELLOW arrow is customer process optimisation.

The diagram illustrates how much easier it is to achieve your target position with process optimisation when you have consistent results in the first place.

KERN is a world leader and pioneer in micro and ultra precision machine tools, with a 28 year track record of delivering state of the art machining centres.

The KERN product line includes four multi-axis machining centres designed to provide positioning accuracies down to 0.3 µm and to machine a variety of materials – from aluminium to titanium.

KERN Micro, always precision

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