Ultra-compact, the KERN Micro machining centre

Kern Micro accuracy on the workpiece
KERN ultra-precision, guaranteed
to hit tight tolerances!

KERN is a world leader and pioneer in micro and ultra precision machine tools. KERN describe the precision of their machining centres as coming from 'what is consistently achievable on the workpiece'. What do YOU want to achieve?
Kern Micro Brochure
KERN Micro through-the-tool
coolant capability

Intelligent temperature management ensures all important components are kept at a constant optimum temperature. The temperature of coolants used with through-coolant tools can be raised or lowered as required.
Kern Micro Video
Tool Cabinet with quick-change
pallets for over 200 tools

The 'tool cabinet' presents up to 209 tools, for automatic changing – complete tool sets can be put together in separate
quick-change pallets and stored in an additional cabinet, keeping set-up
time to a minimum.